Saturday, July 16, 2016

The monster of Frankenstein's new pet

Hello everyone. I would like to introduce you to good friend of mine: the creature of Doctor Frankenstein, AKA The Monster.
Hello Monster! Hello!
He's very pleased to meet you.
My friend was looking for a new pet since his vampire bat Jessica died in her sleep.

Rest in peace, Jessica.
My friend the Monster is single and a little lonely. So I figured he needed a new companion and took him to the pet shop to choose his new pet.
What about a dog?

Or a canary?
A cat maybe? 
The monster was about to give up. What creature could possibly replace his beloved bat?
But suddenly he chanced upon young Kyle and his goldfish...
Kyle's popularity has dramatically increased since his dad started working in a GMO laboratory.
For the Monster it was obvious, his next pet would be a walking goldfish! 
Have fun with your new friend my dear Monster!